Tailor-made solutions for your real estate acquisition

NOTAIRES ASSOCIES MONTPARNASSE offers you its expertise to help you structure your project:

  • From a legal perspective
    • Direct investment or through a company
    • If necessary, choice of the appropriate corporate form
  • From a tax perspective
    • Investment under a tax exemption scheme
    • Acquisition of full ownership or in “démembrement de propriété” (split of usufruct and bare ownership)
    • Estate planning

Assistance at each stage of your acquisition project


  • Quick
    • After a first meeting to structure the acquisition, your case is directly prepared for a quick electronic signature
  • Simple
    • A single contact person for your case
    • Real-time information on the progress of your case
    • Handling of legal formalities and paperwork
  • Transparent
    • Communication, from the very first meeting, of the schedule and the costs to be expected in the context of the acquisition

Discover the infographic on the actions to take when buying a property

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